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Art is everywhere and in everything. It is part of our everyday life and it speaks a language we all understand. Art has no beginning or end, there is no such thing as a border letting you say art starts here: after this line, in this frame, on that canvas, on that paper, in that photo…

Everything around is art, but somehow, many people miss it, that’s where we, who notice, called artists, start to color, paint, draw and document things, so it becomes more noticeable, to stop those who miss and help them to see.

For me, world around is an amazing place. I love to explore… I love to capture with my camera the world through my eyes… to show the beauty that surrounds us all and make it noticeable for everyone. I love to capture emotion, atmosphere… My photos are not just shots, they are like stories, like pages from a book that can take your mind into the moment when the shutter closed and make you share the emotions and feelings from that very moment…

My photos are attempts to show that even a simple view or a thing, which bypasses one every single day can be transformed into a piece of art, that can brighten up someone’s grey day and help them to understand, that each and every one of us, each and every thing that exists, is a beautiful piece of art in a huge mosaic, in a great art work…

My drawings and paintings are like a game between lines and colors connecting and disconnecting depending on the mood of the viewer. I love to paint and draw more abstract way, because like that, I let the viewer become part of the creating process and see what they want to see, not what I want them to see. As I believe art is the best therapy, its like a mirror showing you yourself.

My writings are mostly thoughts, feelings, pain, joy and all that one can experience poured on paper through words. I’ve been told that when they read my writings, they can kind of hear me telling those words. I usually try to use this to get important things and messages to reader’s heart and soul.

My life is constant creation. I love to improvise. I take whatever I have and I make something out of it. I believe that art does not end on the canvas, it is in everything, in everyone and everywhere.

Illustrator/ Creative Artist/ Book Cover Designer/ Creative Photographer/ Nino Khundadze

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